Network Medical Consultants, Inc. has worked closely with our clients to keep them aware of changes in the federal,and state regulations that will affect the day-to-day operation of their organization. We have been especially involved with assisting our clents to create and maintain compliance with regulations involving claims submission and reimbursment.

Some HIPPA rules are final, while some are in their final stages of approval and there are proposed modifications. HIPPA compliance will be constantly evolving process. Therefore, this will also evolve to add updates, links and NMC manuals.

Please contact us if you would like NMC to help you with your staffing, a HIPPA awareness program for your practice or to perform an onsite assesment of your current level of complience

Links to HIPPA regulations, Guideline’s and Updates.
To register for CMS webcast Presentation on HIPPA, please visit: http://www.eventstreams.com/cms/tm_001/
For more information please contact us: clientservices@nsiatl.com